Welcome to the Save NYC Business Coalition

The Save NYC Business Coalition is made up of local, state, and national organizations who have banded together to speak in one voice in opposition to Int. 1415 and Int. 1396, which are scheduled for a full vote of the New York City Council on Thursday, December 17.

These reckless and unlawful bills will destroy what’s left of New York City’s restaurant industry, and force more New Yorkers into unemployment during this holiday season – particularly vulnerable populations who have been hardest hit by the pandemic, including Black and Brown communities, immigrants, working parents and students, and many others.

As representatives of New York City’s employers – large and small, for-profit and non-profit, across multiple industries – we urge the New York City Council to oppose these bills and support businesses in securing critical economic relief so they may continue employing and supporting their workforces this holiday season and beyond, and continue providing essential services to the people of New York. 

As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on businesses throughout the city that are struggling to survive, it is outrageous that City Council would even consider legislation that would force restaurant owners and operators to hand over critical business decisions integral to their survival to a government entity. 

As so many New Yorkers are already struggling and so many businesses are fighting  to survive due to the pandemic’s impact, now is not the time to cripple businesses that employ tens of thousands of New Yorkers. Restaurants – and other small businesses – are the fabric of NYC’s communities. We implore the City Council to consider the disastrous consequences of this legislation.

Vote NO on Int. 1415 and Int. 1396!

The Save NYC Business Coalition
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Staten Island Chamber of Commerce

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

Construction Safety Advisory Committee of New York

NYC Special Riggers Association

Queens Chamber of Commerce

National Restaurant Association

New York State Restaurant Association

Bronx Chamber of Commerce

International Franchise Association

Food Industry Alliance

NYS Latino Restaurant Bar & Lounge Association

National Supermarket Association

The NYC BID Association

New York City Hospitality Alliance